From the Founder

Ruia Ahmadzada, Founder NARI Skincare


'NARI' is the condensation of a quest! As each drop of honey containing the essence of hundreds of flowers, NARI is the assimilation of a lifetime's efforts to find the best skincare products that fully meet my needs, not just outwardly but also inwardly. It is as much cleansing and nourishment  of the conscience as it is a beautification and adornment of the skin.                        

I’ve always been mindful of using the most ethical and effective products for my skincare. However, the more I  studied the  premium  skincare  market, the  more I  identified significant gap. If a product was scientifically sound, it often fell short on the ethical front. If it was conscientiously produced, it often lacked ineffectiveness. 

This gap compelled me to experiment with solutions that could be premium, elegant, natural, and pure in all respects – yet truly potent, effective and safe in their results. Being a living proof of the efficacy of my products, I launched my NARI label to share this ethos with the world. 

Within a short span of being on the market, we have established that our clients who follow our skincare regimen rave about our products and have switched from other high-end brands. 

In addition to animal friendly, vegan, and Halal certified process in each stage of the manufacturing, we wholeheartedly believe in the individual and corporate responsibility to do good by our clients, community, and also ensure a percentage of our profits go towards funding projects to empower and educate women and support orphans around the world. 

Return to the skin YOU were BORN with.

Your skin will thank you for it. 

Ruia Ahmadzada