Portable Mini-Mist Sprayer


Our Portable Mini-Mist Spayer is a handy skincare tool to quickly supplement moisture and hydration to your skin while traveling. 

As travel gets back to normal this little gadget is a must-have to keep your skin hydrated and looking great during your vacation and while traveling. 

Makes a great gift for any occasion!

✔️ It produces the finest ionic mist in order to get moisture to the deepest level of your skin.
✔️ It instantly penetrates the dermis to relieve dryness due to an air-conditioned environment or very dry climate.
✔️ The minerals from the water provide a refreshing cool down under the hot sun without ruining your makeup.

Our Portable Mini-Mist Sprayer is pocket size, easy to carry, and super chic. Fill with 20 mL mineral water or filtered water and steam your face for 1-2 minute intervals every couple of hours during travel.

It comes with a USB cord that can be charged via a power bank, PC, car charger, or charge adapter which is DC 5V 1A. The charge lasts a week.